Match Name: GECO Hungarian Masters 2018.

Level: III

Discipline: Handgun

Region: Hungary

City: Debrecen

Organizer club: Puskás Shooting Club

Range: Apafa shooting range


Pre-Match Date: 23-24.08.2018.

Starts at 9:00


Main Match Date: 25-26.08.2018.

Starts at 9:00


Registration at the registration office: 

12:00-17:30 on 23-24.08.2018.

7:10-8:30 on 25.08.2018

Match Director: Korondán Attila

Club President: Géza Puskás

Range Master: Szalai László

Catering on the range: yes

Ammo dealer: yes

Accessories and gear dealer: yes

Match ammo available for pre-order only! Please send us requests by email to until 16th of August!

9x19 - ZVS - 66 huf/pc (cca. 0,21 EUR/pc)

9x19 - Fiocchi - 75 huf/pc (cca. 0,24 EUR/pc)

40SW - PPU - 100 huf/pc (cca. 0,32 EUR/pc )

.45ACP - PPU - 115 huf/pc (cca. 0,37 EUR/pc )




Minimum rounds: 373

Number of stages: 24

Entry fee: 100 EUR or 30000 HUF (free for juniors)

Entry fee (PCC+pistol): 150 EUR or 45000 HUF (free for juniors) 

Official invitation: click here for download!

pre-order your GECO match shirt via email!

35 EUR due pre-order

40 EUR on site



Time table

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