PLEASE REGISTRATE 1 TIME ONLY, your name will appear in the registration list as soon as we checked all information you provided are correct.

Please NOTE: you have 30 days to fulfill your payment via cash, paypal or bank money transfer. We cancel each registrations from our system with unfulfilled payments.


Name of beneficiary: Puskás Lövész Egyesület

IBAN: HU28 60600170 11022664 00000000



For paypal please use:

To speed up the registration proccess please send us a copy about the proof of payment via email!

Important notice: squadding will be managed (FCFS) first-come, first-served basis. As soon as you paid your entry fee you could choose your squad. Please consider we cannot provide more slot each squad over maximum 12. Thank you for your understanding.


See you all on the range!

Team GECO Hungarian Masters 2018

jorge ballesteros ipsc course

Dear Competitors,

Beside the usuals you can also entry into PCC and production optics division at Geco Hungarian Masters 2018. Even you could shoot PCC and another chosen pistol division and also will be awarded in both. In this case you must shoot pistol at pre-match and PCC at main match. Discounted entry fee for both divisions = 150 EUR! Please do your registration for each.

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